M 7s Rugby

LVI 2016 - Camp Selections

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Due to military obligation, some of the initial selectees are  unable to attend Las Vegas. We would like to congratulate the athletes on their selection to compete for a chance to represent the United States Air Force during the upcoming Las Vegas Invitational Tournament and Rugby Festival.

As the player pool grows with talent, selections become tougher and tougher for the staff. With limited spots in Sevens Rugby, the competition to make one of these spots is fierce and has come with some scrutiny from some in the program. It is important to remember we're all in this together and the program is far bigger than any one person; which is especially true in rugby.

USAF Rugby only moves forward when everyone involved is committed, supportive, confident in the decisions being made and what we're working hard to achieve.

Congratulations again on the LVI selectees!


USAF 7s Staff